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Even Lesbians Want Male Attention - MGTOW

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Published on 02 Oct 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Brian. He didn't give me a specific topic so I wanted to read a comment I found on GoingYourOwnWay.com and here's what someone named Macavity has to say and I quote: "This is a true story about a lesbian trying to play a straight girl. There was a contractor girl that started working at my plant. She is very talky, and everyone loves her. I immediately ignore her and do my own thing. Sure enough, a week or two later she finds me (I was literally hiding in a closet!) and asks me to do something. So I go and do it, and I do not say anything to her. Later, she complains to my supervisor that I don't talk to her. The supervisor thinks I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to talk to girls. A few other times she is flirty, touches me, etc. I ignore it all. Eventually, she stops wearing the make-up and nice clothes. She becomes the typical 34 year old woman just doing the job. I wonder, "Hmm, what if it was genuine?" I sent an email to her asking when she'd come in because I had a question for her. If she liked me, she would respond at least. There's no response. It's because she doesn't read her email. I know this because my supervisor asked me to contact her about a problem at the plant, I told him he had to do it because she won't respond to what I sent. She then tells me "I got your email," and is telling me all the times she'd be at the plant. She's suddenly touching me again and wearing make-up! Last time I saw her, she was so over-the-top flirty that a coworker's response was only, "Dude, she wants to suck your peepee!" There was a company function at the beach soon, and I heard word she would be coming. I decided to show up for curiosity's sake and see where this girl stood. She was all nervous around me, dropping her brand new shirt into the mud, putting her things with mine on my chair, etc. She followed me around and we talked throughout the event. Seems promising, right? So let's escalate... and she says she wants to be "Only as friends." WTF? "I'm a lesbian." she says. I pressed because that is what girls say to be nice. But no, she is actually a lesbian (heard some of this in the grapevine earlier). So I wanted to ask her why she was acting the way she did (all that flirty). She says "I heard you were alone so I decided to be nice." (WTF!?) Her exact quote: "I can act any way I want!" I'm not baffled that a woman wants to keep being able to exploit men. But what baffles me is why come to a company event, when it isn't even your company, talk to someone who wasn't going to be buying anything, lead a man on and on and on... and had it not been that I was escalating, I would have never forced the truth. I don't understand why a lesbian would behave like this. If you're not attracted to men, why do you want their attention? And why talk to me for hours on end? At the end, she asked for us to be friends. I said no." Unquote. Well Brian thanks for the donation and thanks Macavity for sharing this story. I'll try to decode this story and share my own about trying to date a woman that turned into a Lesbian in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism:

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JackRipper 2 months ago

Use to think lesbians were a waste of flesh..now i know they just are scared to admit they like dick.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

While in NoFuck Virginia, I used to go to a gay bar The Charlette's Web to pick Lesbians in pairs; they were less likely to have AIDS or other STDs. I used to have five reasons for fucking Lesbians : here's the top three: They are easier to get in pairs (and two pairs of tits are better than one!) They know how to use their tongues. They do not want to get married (the military THOTtrap.) and bonus: They usually did not want to get pregnant back then-- feminism was new and catching on: They did not know about the wall and baby rabies did show its head. I guess now loooking back I had the market on small (to medium) tittied chicks! We did not call them THOTs back then-.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

While in NoFuck, Virginia, ie Norfolk, the only city in the world with highest concentration of men, we used to say she may have been yours when brought her,but she has atleast three boyfriends now just to thesheer number of menn mostly due Navy.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Damn Sandman, We used to joke while in the Middle East that women were for breeding, men were pleasure. You took it darker, but it is likely true.

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 2 months ago

Sure, women can do whatever they want. I'm absolutely not interested in any of them, MGTOW Monk right where I'm staying.

   2    0
zdoctor 2 months ago

LESBIANS ARE A LIE...............the only women i dont trust are all of them......they all lie

   4    0
sauger1001 2 months ago

Lesbians also like to get piped down occasionally. They just don't want an LTR... with men.

   0    0
havok545 2 months ago

Yup had 3 lesbian friends banged 2 of them which is confusing as hell cause I really thought of one of them as one of the guys turned out she wanted to bang me.

   4    0
lyhyemmat 2 months ago

Lesbians don't exist

   5    0
Mgvember 2 months ago

Alphabet people will do anything to shill their letter of the day.

   5    0
grondilu 2 months ago

Imagine if she had played this game with a gay guy, and he would have played along. Both would tease each other and let things escalate until they actually bang.

I bet there is a comedy that has already been written with this premise.

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

The image of the sexy lesbian is a figment of the male imagination and embodied in hundreds (or milies) of porn movies, comics, and other shit like that.

But the reality of lesbians is very different from what the male erotics believes.

I remember seeing a movie where one of the leads would fantasize about finding a sexy lesbian like the ones in the movies or something.

This guy had a friend who did cartoons and he says the following:

_ At the intersection of four streets there is a 100 dollar bill. Santa Claus is walking down one street, the Easter Bunny is coming down another street, a sexy, exuberant and ultra-feminine lesbian comes down the other street like those in porn movies, and down the other street comes a tomboyish lesbian, misandric, dirty, with her head shaved, without any makeup, wearing a lumberjack shirt and baggy pants, wearing military boots.

All this while she draws the scene on paper.

Then he asks his friend:

_ Who of the four characters will pick up the $ 100 bill first?

The friend, confused, does not know what to answer.
Then the cartoonist tells him the answer:

_The tomboy lesbian, misandric, dirty, with a shaved head, no
no makeup...

Because the other three characters ONLY EXIST IN YOUR IMAGINATION !!!

   8    0
InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

HAHAHA! Very good!

   4    0
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