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European researchers claim earliest humans evolved in Europe

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Published on 31 Aug 2020 / In Science & Technology

⁣European researchers claim earl⁣European researchers stand by their study that the earliest humans evolved in Europe and not in Africa. But local scientists dispute the claims saying no reliable evidence has been provided to support that view.iest humans evolved in Europe

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PlazmoidialSoup 2 years ago

The human race is a hybridization like ligars.
Ligars can reproduce. Out of Africa is bullshit.
Cyclically as the sun blows up and resets civilization history is lost. BUT dna records reminiscent of what has not been destroyed along with 90% of population in the reset show otherwise. Homoerectus, cromagnon modern man, little people(hobbits, elves, dwarves) giants of all sorts bigfoot? denisovans Neanderthals. This is on robert sephr yt. Now for the kicker they won't tell you - off world fucking Aliens interbreeding hybrids. What would people do... More Give me dats for free. When that's not the game. Who knows John Lear? Eisenhower?
Area 51? What are those cone head skulls in the Andes? The video talks about the fossil records, like tar pits they are snapshots. We are all children of the star's, born of fire or plasma...

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Radical_panda 2 years ago

sounds like the disagreers are black

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