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Entitled Daughter Loses It When Finally Told 'No'

Published on 16 Sep 2023 / In Film & Animation

Take a look at this little Entitled ARROGANT SHIT! This type of Kid needs a good BEATING and some discipline, Daughter or NOT. I'd have locked the CUNT in the car and drove around with her in it when I needed the car, she would soon get fucking bored with that. sadly I think Daddy behaves like a bit of a CUCK myself?

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Menwalkaway 8 months ago

she will get a pussy pass


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JohnCoolAmerica 9 months ago

the lesbians in lockdown are gonna love this fresh young fish..i just want to watch the video of her licking down all the female inmates..oh joy!!

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ResidentEvil7 9 months ago

To tell you guys the truth, this video was not easy to watch. She was annoying, entitled, not listening, stalling time, she argued a lot, rude, stubborn and hostile. This woman is loonier than Daffy Duck; the only difference is, Daffy Duck is a lot smarter than her.

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Prepz 9 months ago

I know this area well. And, unfortunately, know too many women from this area that act like this -- women of all ages, sad to say. They're entitled, fugly, spoiled little shits.

FWIW, Maitland is a upper middle class enclave of Orlando, and the cvnti here are rank with this type of childish entitled attitude. Consequently, they're un-dateable. And even if you manage to bed one, they absolutely SUCK (not in a good way) in bed. Stay away from Orlando fellas. It's literally where DPDS, Disney Princess Delusional Syndrome, inoculates the minds of little girls to turn their brains into hamster hives. Stay far away from this place and enjoy a vacation south of the border with hot Latinas instead.

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sardonicsmile 9 months ago

Look at how caring and soft her tone with the female as opposed to how she sternly listens to the Gentleman.
Remember these whores stick together; the Sisterhood above all else.
"...I'm not trying to be mean to you..."
Do you think a cop will act this way with a male?

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Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations 9 months ago

I have noted something on these "obnoxious women getting arrested" videos though. A significant number of times the female cops or in house handlers don't take any nonsense from these harpies. They bark orders at them like they are toddlers while the men try to reason and explain. It's rare but notable. Men need to pay attention. If this is how women treat other hysterical women (Be quiet! Shut up! Stand up!) we can learn a lot from that. On this I have abandoned saying "calm down" to women and I now say "SHUT UP!"

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