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End Of The Sandman Era - MGTOW

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Published on 03 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by any donations. I wanted to get everyone's opinion about what I should be doing with my channel which suddenly got throttled heavily in early September from stable traffic levels it held for about a year and a half. I spoke with Terrence Popp and Blake and they convinced me that Rumble is worth heading to. So I just setup an account which I'm linking to below and it's begun mirroring all of my videos from 2013 onwards. I could start streaming on Rumble and not YouTube. That might work if the following is there and put out a notification video on YouTube letting everyone know when I do. I'll ask them about it because whenever they end their livestreams on YouTube and go to an alt tech platform YouTube tries to pull their livestreams to give them a strike. It also does what it's doing to me which is watching many of their videos before they are released to see if they are worth giving a strike to no doubt. Not to mention all comments are automatically held and I have to manually approve them all. It's clear that they want me to stop making content. But they can't give me strikes because I don't talk about the coof and don't violate terms of service so they have to try alternate methods. One of the reasons I don't do livestreams is because of strikes. Most of my strikes came from those. Maybe I'll do a last ditch effort to livestream on alt tech and see what happens. I've scripting this video on my 9 year anniversary of starting this channel and if things continue like this I'm not got to make it to ten. I've got plans to continue on YouTube with a different format of content and I'll share what that is in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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There seems to be a few of us having had a vew near misses.. Health wise.

Early on, Sandman you were very important to my "reeducation" about the gynocentric feminist indoctrination bullshit.

You and so many others have enabled me to "catch on" to what is really going on around me - and this includes treating the feminist "entitled arseholes" with contempt....

When the cunts are in positions of officialdome, I for the most part, nail them via the officiously officioal channels - declaring that feminists are a blight on the face of the earth and their hate crimes should stomped out of existence.

There are a lot of women who ARE in the one of three categories - firstly we have the generally decent women, and then we have the trouble makers - the non event NPC women, the nasty gossiping arsehole women and the hostile and vitriolic bitches.....

Except for the first group - they are all cunts, they just get more nasty and more insane and worthy of being exterminated - hopefully by their own devices..

See so I have consumed a great deal of your teachings, and it has been immensely valuable. I don't listen in so much these days as I get the general drift that you and so many others have provided.

But for the newcomers to the MGTOW ideas, your resources are immensely valuable.

This is one of my favourite of all time pictures - one of the "just so moments" in time, space, lighting and position...

I dug up the guy who took the photo and told him that it was an immensely important photo to humanity and could he remove it from the "Light Box" confinement and release it into the public domain for free and non commercial use....

It's not a photo, it's something really special.

Around 4000 + years ago, these pyramids were built, and there was an entire civilisation here, with families, trades, houses, shops, and all sort of things going on, and now no one knows anything about them, no one cares, and no one remembers any of them - at best there are a few bones in the dust and that's it....

And this is the way we are all going...

When we die, it won't take long before we are a distant memory in the minds of a few, and then we more or less get forgotten in the mists of time.

In the only sense we have is the eternal "now" - have we really tried to make the world a better place by being good, and worthwhile and a contributor and a maker and a shaker... That's all - there is so much in this alone, that I don't think it's worth considering much else.

One good video might touch the lives of 10,0000 people, and these people have a change, an improvement in consciousness and responsibility and they go onto affect the lives of 10,000 other people each... in the days and weeks and months and years ahead....




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Lorgar 3 months ago

You helped countless men through the years. Today female nature has become apparent to everyone including small children in schools. How many horrors have been prevented thanks to your influence? We will never know.

The specie that survives is not the strongest one but the one most responsive to change. You need to adapt or suffer. Tzeentch will bless your future plans.

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Grin_Reaper 2 3 months ago

I would like to see Sandman stream on this platform. TFM has shown that enough people are willing to watch here to make it worthwhile. I'm not sure why Sandman has persevered with youtube for as long as he has.

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Fabien 3 months ago

I will miss, your content.

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I'd be making Pop Up Toaster (dead end) video's that are just "Happy, Happy, joy, joy" videos with either links in them and or under them, to your full content videos on other platforms.

Sandman Says:

Would you like to see the latest greatest content I am producing? Use the links below!"

Youtube is a cunt fest.

Absolutely hate them.

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