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Elon Musk Triggers Woke Leftist Women - MGTOW

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Published on 04 May 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by El Presidente and here's what he briefly has to say: "Dear Sandman, How do you feel about the Hierarchy of Victimhood that Western Society—especially the Woke left, has been trying to mandate? The more victimhood status you have—the more preferential treatment you’ll be given. Presumably with straight white men at the bottom of the hierarchy." Well El Presidente thanks for the donation and topic. The victim-hood hieararchy has been introduced through three main methods being government, education and big tech. If the sale of Twitter goes through with Elon Musk that's going to take one of thier three pillars away because a woke free Twitter is going to force the other social media platforms to become more free if they want to keep their audience. Musk is also planning to allow people to monetize their tweets and make money from them if they go viral. What if he allows you to upload video files and monetize those too? Suddenly woke YouTube and Twitter will start bleeding viewers if they don't remonitize questionable content. In response to Musk the woke left is trying to pivot by creating the disinformation board or what amounts to a ministry of truth to try to stop Musk. It's being headed up by a woman. The whole victim-hood hierarchy thing is just re-branded communism. It's cultural Marxism and the left wants everyone to supposedly be equal by boosting women and minorities into power and then taking men's power away. That's why they have created things like Economic Social Governance to balance out with the so called money that straight males use to gain their power. But Musk found a way around that by taking Twitter private. Sure public companies are effected by ESG because if they don't bend the knee and hire Indian or Female CEOs and staff they will be punished because big hedge funds and Black Rock won't buy their stocks and they will suffer as a result to get financing. But I suspect that more companies will stay private or go private so that woke ESG issues won't effect them as much. I think that people being hired based on victim-hood status and being given preferential treatment only works if the entire economy or soyciety is like that. But as more free companies emerge and reward people based on merit instead of if they have muff between their legs then the culture will change. The left knows this and their motto might as well be a value system and ideas so good that they have to mandatory. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen:

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Alex913 22 days ago

Dude, tech stocks will get hammered because of high inflation, and cryptos will be heavily regulated, maybe even banned like they did in China and India. If you want to make money invest in commodities and short tech stocks

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Grin_Reaper 22 days ago

What doesn't trigger leftists these days? They are spoiled children who have been getting their way for too long. Occasionally when things don't go to plan, like Trump getting elected, they throw a big tantrum.

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Hold The Truth Hostage

This will truly change things see how much Spotify altered Youtube

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Mgtow_economics 23 days ago

Shocking amount of pron on Twitter. I hope Musk gets rid of the pron on the platform.

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TheWealthy1 23 days ago

Porn isn't hurting anyone.

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Lucifer333 12 days ago

How do you know it is porn.. cuz it is hidden from first view untilk you sign in and do age verification.... you sneaky perv

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csehszlovakze 23 days ago

he's also a WEF Young Global Leader and plans to "authenticate all humans" in the future... your anonymity might be in danger.

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