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Elon Musk Finds NEW Secret Twitter Codes Used To SHADOWBAN Conservatives, MASS Layoffs Hit Big Tech

Published on 26 Jan 2023 / In News & Politics

Elon Musk EXPOSES NEW Secret Codes Execs Used To SHADOWBAN, Big Tech Mass Layoffs Signal COLLAPSE. Dave Rubin reveals Elon Musk's plans and discoveries inside Twitter's code.

Twitter execs lied over and over and more evidence shows just how bad it is. Rubin reveals they found MORE secret codes used to shadowban users including Dave Himself.

Big tech bias against conservatives was called a conspiracy for years until finally documents were released proving the government was conspiring to silence critics and so was big tech.


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spectre 2 months ago

i do not mean to sound egoistical but twitter is a very simple platform. the code base must be readable by a single person in a day or two. there is no way the system is so big that a programmer could not spot code that handles shadowbanning or other "hidden" actions. it is simply not possible. we can talk linux kernel where i can easily believe that. but not twitter, which is essentially just a tweet entity, user entity, hashtags, couple of relations and the rest is merely recommendation and search system and notifications, emails and other stuff that is irrelevant to the main issue. so after months and months of new ownership and policies, coming up with statements about hidden code is just elon doing his sales schitck, as usual, trying to get in more users by trying to sell them open and free-speech platform.

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eilisin 2 months ago


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Lucifer333 2 months ago

this one is actually funny

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