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Electric Bus Fire After Battery Explosion, what you are not being told - The Big EV Con rolls on.

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Published on 27 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

As the big EV CON goes on we are not being told the cost of the Electric Velicle? not just financially but ecologically. these things cost a lot of resourse to make, and are really not proven yet, especially as PSV or BUSES? I sliced these clips together for a better focus. Cities around the world are buying into these things including the UK like in London and Aberdeen Scotland to name two. the buses are built in CHINA, I wont say any of the Names or manufacturers to avoid gertting into trouble. There are only a few clips here that I've spliced to show the furosity of a battery explosing and the polution cause by the event. don't know about YOU, but i wont be traveling on any electric Bus in the near future? The EV thing is a total scam. We are led in the UK anyways to believe that come 2030 all combustion engined vehicles will be banned? Well the truth is that come 2030 the ban only applies to NEW VEHICLES and not currently manufactured or secoindhand vehicle. That answer's my biggest question what will they do with all that fuel and what about the profit's lostt by stopping it? Well it isn't stopping. This EV 2030 thing is a CON to make people using FEAR buy EV's, nothing else. So you will be able to get petrol and oil and you will still be able to have a combustion engine vehicle, it may cost more to you, BUT at the end of the DAY it isn't going away certainly NOT over night anyway's? Did you also know that a WIND TURBINE relies soley on a large Deisel engine to start it up! If they intend to srew us all over with this EV thing they have got to do better than scaring us all! lol!

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NoFemVAL 27 days ago


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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

Why was there someone ready with a rolling camera when the fire started? What are the odds that is was not planned?

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mrghoster 1 month ago

Bus Enthusiast i guess, there are plenty about. Maybe a little bit of Smoke puff said to the viewer hang on this is electric not diesel why is it smoking. then their are people that will film anything! lol!

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