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Eddie Murphy Pays 25k A Month Child Support. Now Asked To Pay More - MGTOW

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Published on 20 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Mel B 'files court documents asking ex Eddie Murphy to pay more child support for their daughter Angel, 13, after her income dramatically reduces

Eddie Murphy - RAW - Marriage

Mark Fisher : Cybertime Crisis

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from MGTOW Smurf. He didn't have a topic for me so I'd like to discuss an article I found that I put in the description called "Mel B 'files court documents asking ex Eddie Murphy to pay more child support for their daughter Angel, 13, after her income dramatically reduces' Well apparently while she was with her third husband she blew all fifty million dollars of the Spice Girls Money she had and is mostly likely relying on the Money Eddie Murphy is giving her for child support for survival. Murphy married 3 times. Mel B is divorced 3 times. She also has sole custody of their daughter and now she wants more money. That's what you get when you marry someone with the stage name of scary Spice. What did you think was going to happen. I don't have any sympathy for Murphy. He has ten children with four different women. This doesn't sound like the same Eddie Murphy from his RAW comedy tour back
in the eighties that I've put a link to in the description. In that video clip he talks about how Johnny Carson lost half his money in a divorce. This was before Eddie's three marriage. I'll discuss what happened in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection: Anyways, now back to the video. Mel B has been ordered to pay half a million dollars to her ex husband Stephen Belafonte and she claims that she's going to go bankrupt if she has to pay that. Their daughter's name is angel and she might just live up to that name if she takes her mother to financial heaven. But that ticket to heaven is only worth three hundred thousand dollars a year. She wants sympathy from Eddie Murphy and is using the potential suffering of their daughter as a way to tug on his heart strings after she strung him along to have a kid back when she used to tug at his nut strings. Mel B also has two other daughters with her other two ex husbands. I wonder how much money she was pulling in from those. One of them is 21 so the money has stopped. The other one is only 9 but that one is with the ex husband that she has to pay half a million dollars to. So she probably lost child support on her oldest daughter a few years ago, all the spice girls money is gone and all that's left is Angel. She's also using the plausible deniability of Co-vid claiming that she can't work because of the coof. Which is true. But how much do you really expect her to pull in at this point. The article says that the relationship between Mel B and Eddie went south when he went south on her and got her pregnant. She went back home to Leeds in the UK and hoped that Eddie would follow her. Ie take him to where her support network is. The way that Megan Markle took her prince back to LA. But in reality she got what she wanted, pregnant and she fled like some sort of Seed Demon spawning back to where she came from with a pet wallet in her womb. Murphy probably didn't think she would do that because she had her own money from being a Spice Girl.

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just flee to Serbia already!

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tekrat 9 days ago

Oswald Spengler our culture is 1000 years old.

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Carlos Kingston
Carlos Kingston 9 days ago

No, no, no, no no, just no. Oh, sorry, my bad, I forgot a "Are you out of your "Please Karen, could you be a sweat-heart and fuck me in the ass with the no lube strap-on till I bleed?" motherfucking mind?
Wealthy? Want kids? Get a surrogate. Horny? (redundant, right?). Pay to leave. Cuddling, loyalty, attention and affection? Get a dog. I highly recommend purebred Sheltie bitches. Crazy affectionate. Just comb them often or your place will get pretty damn hairy over time.
Peeeeeeace out ;-D

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tekrat 10 days ago

So tell me what you want , what you really really want...MEL B wants MONEY

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MGTOWdotCASH 10 days ago

Young Europeans Cast Greatest Doubt On Women's Ability To Lead https://www.zerohedge.com/poli....tical/young-european

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RoboCat 10 days ago

I used to warn co-workers and acquaintances to not get married but they would become defensive and hostile whenever it was brought up. I only ever did it once per person and always in private. I came to realize now that those men deserve exactly what they will get whether it's Eddie Murphy or Joe Rando, they virulently defend the slaughterhouse that they proudly march into.

Fuck 'em.

   4    0
Trevor 11 days ago

Damn it's expensive to raise kids these days.

   1    0
ElHombreporsuCuenta 11 days ago

Eddie Murphy seemed destined to reach the highest ranks of the Hollywood star system. But he fell by the wayside ...
Which is a shame because I have always found him an excellent actor.

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I'm with General Popp of fire on this one, fuck celebrities!!! They never pay a dime in taxes, never donate to anyone in need, and we are sick of hearing all about their sobbing stories when they got billions. Get woke go broke meteor calamity!!! BOOM!!! Rest in piss Hollyweird/Pedowood, Black Labs Matter!!!

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Hammerhead69 11 days ago

Greedy whores will always seek for more.

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wroger_wroger 11 days ago

She actually looks like a real scheming slut.... I would have used the English word, "Kniving" - as in "Ker-Niving", not Knifing, because it means "scheming, under handed, duplicitious, manipulative etc." Anyway, she is only good for swallowing semen..... This is all her future holds..... Cum Dump +

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charliebrownau 11 days ago

Equality - 300K per year and she has access to the kids,
this shit will fall apart without Goverment, Taxation, Corruption and Armed Order enforcers

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Markcohen 11 days ago

Music and art is always evolving. Ur just not interested anymore. As you age that’s what tends to happen.

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One_Ronin 11 days ago

She can just F-over the cucks on onlyfans and likely make more then Eddie. With simps and technology no woman is hard done by these days (a sad state of affairs)

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