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Economics Lesson in Fap CEO

T F Monkey
T F Monkey
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Published on 26 Sep 2020 / In Entertainment

A hentai game can teach you more about investing and economics that most public schools.

Movie Clip: A Bronx Tale

Background Music: "Business As Usual" by Causmic, "Light Expanse" by Unicorn Heads.

Gameplay: Fab CEO from Nutaku.

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Think or Die
Think or Die 1 year ago

Machiavelli with Economics as opposed to say Adam Smith, with Annie May chicks - interesting!

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IkemenKyoushi23 1 year ago

Men : Play Fap CEO for the Hentai.
Legends : Play Fap CEO for the Hentai and economic lessons.

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Lucifer333 2 years ago

This is dumb and stupid IB , has a paper trading (the dry humping TFM is doing here) account for free. And you papertrade use real market movements. I bet Tfm didnt even know about this, the financial wizard.

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Lucifer333 2 years ago

Swedish political leadership has gone insane. They are importing camels and calling it “a job market initiative” in order to give Somali Muslim migrants work.

Listen to this absurd phone call. The caller (an anonymous Swedish citizen journalist) is talking to Lena Salo, the Development Leader in the department of Social Resource administration in Gothenburg city… They are talking about importing camels into Sweden in order to put Somali Muslim migrants to work.

According to the government’s thinking, not only will it give Muslim migrants work, the hope is that automotive companies like Volvo will use the camels in their advertisements in Sweden… The government thinks that tourists might come to Sweden to “pet the camels” and that there “will be fashion shows.” https://www.anonymousconservat....ive.com/blog/sweden-

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LoudMouthTyrone 2 years ago

Sweden is doing what it's own men won't do, and that is TAKE! WOMEN'S! RIGHTS! AWAY!

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Lucifer333 2 years ago

@LoudMouthTyrone: Sweden is doing what? nah man these are just exotic rescue pets who pretend they are stupid and so can stay on welfare for all eternaty

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AntiCuck1982 2 years ago

"Where is the fapping part?"
Easy. When you make enough money you won't need to fap anymore.

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Mr_Sluggo 2 years ago

Exactlly!!! With enough money, you can hire a chick (or several) to give a handy.

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