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Dumpster Fire Chill-Stream: 3/22/2020

T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey
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Published on 23 Mar 2020 / In Gaming

⁣The TFM Show will not be uploaded this week because Shogun doxxed himself on air because he didn't mute his mic when taking a personal call. I tried editing out the segement, and waited 4 hours for the video to process as a new MP4, but I just gave up. Fuck it.

I did a gamestream tonight to make it up to everyone

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SentientVerity 6 days ago

solder head while farting. WTF?

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Blackcatloner 6 days ago

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the show, TFM.

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Joriy 6 days ago South Korea's active case load is dropping tfm seems to be correct although that doesn't mean it won't spike again next year this site provides huge amounts of constantly updated information.

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JMGTOW 6 days ago

o....Shogun *facepalm*

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AngryVeganCyclist 7 days ago

Or render at lower resolution/bitrate /FPS

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