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Dude Wins Dudette Beauty Pageant - Feminists Go Nuts

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 26 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment

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If they men? get an operation or better yet, are pre-op (for decades) woman, AND they enter all this feminist shit.... As far as I am concerned - the MORE the feminist tards, "Screeeeeeeeeeech" with horror, the more the ummm guys, really ARE WOMEN.

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The faminist retards are just pissy that their arseholes are tighter than his.... (think about that one for a few minutes)

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TheWealthy1 1 month ago

I hope that dude wins. This will redpill the most desirable demographic in society, women 18-24.

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RoboCat 1 month ago

I support the transgenders men simply to watch how leftists/feminists desperately try to stop the assraping the trannies keep giving them but they never can..... the leftists get what they fucking deserve.

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"The leftists get what they fucking deserve" - an excellent choice of words.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Knew feminists who were cool with trannies till they realized the trannies were going for a slice of feminist goodies. Then trannies were weak men trying to rob women of their due. So damn funny as it is sickening.

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hqwebsite 1 month ago

Twenty years ago (2001) this book was published...

In just 2 decades, the table has turned.

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masculistman 1 month ago

Now is the time to update the caption as well. "Why the best man for the job is a woman who used to be a man."

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