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Doom Chillstream: 3/20/2020

T.F. Monkey
T.F. Monkey
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Published on 21 Mar 2020 / In Entertainment

Coronavirus will fizzle out by April 15th in the USA. It's already over in China and Singapore.

We also cover sector rotation and Responsibilitism.


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Sentient_Of_Truth 2 months ago

how to get the full catologe of the TFM show on mp3 format on Android.

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MGTOWRonin 2 months ago

Strange phenomena...suddenly every "strong independent woman who don't need no man" i know are begging for boyfriends and wanting to get married. ???

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mustno3 2 months ago

Why are you doing this TFM? Why did you feel the need to put your credibility on the line?

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Joriy 2 months ago

But he's right although I wouldn't have put an exact date. look at the active case chart for South Korea it's flattening out and will go down if the trend holds.

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Darthtickles 2 months ago

TF Monkey offers good financial advice for the average joe. That said, I need to make a correction here.

The current market crisis is not caused by the 'oil war'. While a drop in oil prices can create adverse effects for some national and regional economies, it would never lead to what we are currently experiencing.

The catalyst for the recent market activity is the virus, more so the panic surrounding the virus than any actual physical change to the state of the world's stock of physical and human capital. Financial assets across the board were also already strongly overbought, so there was a lot of 'incoming drop' already baked into the market with the virus just being the catalyst that gave the push to assets ready to fall.

Finally, the broad market sell-off has been exacerbated by the old bugbears of leveraging, margin calls, liquidity shortages and counterparty risk.

For the last week you have seen precious metal futures (paper, not physical) drop alongside the broader market, as the vast majority of funds were forced to liquidate holdings of everything and anything to meet margin calls. Despite a strong move away from the American dollar and its payment system it remains the global reserve currency, and the price of American dollars outside of the US has skyrocketed as people scramble for dollars to make payments and settle transactions with.

What we are seeing is a typical end of the bull market financial crash as overhyped expectations return to a more muted state, as always made worse by the financial markets' addiction to cheap money and leverage. While the underlying economy will undoubtedly return to a general pre-virus condition between the next 1-3 months, it is extremely unlikely that the buoyant sentiment that sent financial assets to unprecedented peaks will return.

Now is probably a good time to buy back in for the long run if you sold off, but it is hardly a sweet deal set for a sharp rebound back to pre-virus levels. That said, if markets continue to crash this week from panic and margin calls, then I think that would be a strong opportunity to buy for a quick rebound.

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frozenfeenx 2 months ago

Decoy gold you say?

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