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⁣Don’t Worry, I’m On the Pill | Grunt Speak Highlights

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Published on 16 Sep 2021 / In Comedy

In light of the Texas abortion law, Wahmyns everywhere are trying to blame men for all unplanned pregnancies, but the facts tell a different story.

#GruntSpeakLive #SpermJacking #BabyRabies
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Bad Apple
Bad Apple 3 months ago

Never heard of a woman, being a victim of fake-child fraud. Where are the feminist of this inequality... Bound to be an exception, but not the over-all rule, come on try.

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My road cone fucking neighbour - she is a sex pest.... Stalking.... and she grinds away and grinds away and grinds away....
It's the child molesting technique..... of touching you up enough so it feels good and you say yes....
I want her to just get cancer and fucking die.

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Generationless 3 months ago

Plant endangered plants over the unmarked grave...I liked that.

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HairlessMonkey 3 months ago

Eventually some guys gray matter is gonna start melting and the "system" folk are going to start exiting their meat suits. You can only beat a dog so long before it either bites you or runs away!

   4    0
eldrazi317 3 months ago

I think we are getting to the stage where the dog can’t even run away.

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HairlessMonkey 2 months ago

@eldrazi317: Yea, not with big brother and sister watching us all the time. Guess the only way to hide is to become a homeless street-shitting crackhead, son of a president or a vice-president that doesn't really want to work .

   1    0
eldrazi317 2 months ago

@HairlessMonkey: hmm I think we’d be at that stage if they ever take away guns. To be precise, if people allow them to be taken away like in kangaroo land.

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gchase 3 months ago

Old friend..his wife of 35 years 'no fault divorced him...because she was bored.
He lost everything : 1/2 his pension, savings, house...plus her land-shark divorce lawyer hit him up for alimony!
So, he could not retire...he has to work to pay the scam alimony.
I clarified for him:

You pay her alimony until one of you dies....Hmm.....just saying.

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Councilof1 3 months ago

Oh I got a great object lesson on this one. When I was about twelve or so this one distant relation was in a relationship. My dad called it as she baby trapped him. He believed "oh yes I'm taking my pill". My dad took it as a chance to teach me a truth about women. He taught me many good lessons about women. The Porsche lesson was the best of all.

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