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Don't Date Single Mothers. They Are Single For A Reason - MGTOW

Published on 22 May 2024 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Sebastian and here's what he briefly has to say: "Hi Sandman, Sebastian again and I'm investing in aitx. I really want you to check it out that Tech stock it's went up over 120% or over $500 since I started buying it. I have 118k shares but I'm trying to get this thing up to 10 million dollars in value. I really do think it's going to make me 10 million. Also you said you invest half your Bitcoin in rrsp's and tfsas. How do I do that? And which hard wallet or exchange do you support. I use trust wallet but got scammed out of this a coin called safemoon. So I don't trust that exchange and thirdly I have a female friend from Facebook that's been talking to me for years in Alberta. Her dad passed away and she inherent 43 cows and like 50 Acre's and also just struck oil. She's also 38 and I'm 30. She had 3 kids all over 18 now and out of the house, all from one dad that died. She's pretty cute like a 6 or 7 with a nice voice and good values. She owns the property with her mom, and I was always talking to her about moving there but am unsure." Well Sebastian thanks for the donation. Don't get scammed by a single mother and the penny stock you invested in. Since your requested this video on May the 3rd it's dropped 39% in only five days. The company, artificial intelligence technology solutions Inc. Their CEO Steve Reinharz I listened to him talking about the company and I can't figure out what product or service they provide beyond YouTube and the company websites and what he calls awareness to broader market participants. That's their product making sure people know their stock exists and that it's probably going to go up. Meaning that they are all about promoting the stock to as many people as possible. That sounds like a pump and dump scheme to me and his words appear to be all about BS baffling the brain. They are an AI company that doesn't make AI so how are they supposed to make you millions Sebastian? You bought shares and your wealth was transferred to Steve Reinharz and he's going to be fine selling you the dream that you will be a millionaire. He's probably hoping that people are gullable enough to see that Artificial Intelligence is the name of the company so that's what they do and people will buy some hoping to ride the AI stock wave. This is no different than the dotcom bubble of the late nineties. That was 20 years old at that time, 25 years ago and people were buying Pets.com stock and thousands of other company securities that were losing tons of money. A mania had griped the market. You were five years old and don't remember that time. It's the same thing and Steve Reinharz according to a few people I found online said the company as his personal piggy bank as he slowly dumps the shares. Or as he quickly dumped the shares as the price collaped. What's more dangerous than a marriage and divorce? That's right a pump and dump Penny stock. At least a wife only takes sixty to seventy percent. Between investing in AITX and then falling in love with a 38-year-old so called cute single mother with the voice of an angel you're going to get wrecked. Steve said the company would be profitable in August and now he's backtracking? The guy is all spin with no substance. I'll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Met VPN:

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WMHarrison94 26 days ago

Scams! Everything's a scam or it survives long enough to become "infected" (video gaming companies) to where they become scams...God, I wished now I bought Bitcoin when it was less than ten cents...

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