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Does She Even Know What Happiness Is

Published on 20 Nov 2023 / In Entertainment

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Leader_Desslok 19 days ago

i wonder if that steak dinner , if nothing else , would make her happy . ?

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Councilof1 19 days ago

Happiness is fleeting. Being constantly happy isn't normal. It's like being higher than a kite 24/7.

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Councilof1 19 days ago

I wonder if these women realize they're chasing the dragon?

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deathdealer 18 days ago

@Councilof1: They are trying to get a dopamine hit every minute of the day; they don't realize that after a very short time of such a lifestyle will result in the receptor sites for that molecule will become desensitized and they will need ever more of it. This will result in a total lack of capability to get that sort of "high" and leave them without any positive result from the hormone. This leaves them without a capability to properly bond with another man.

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