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Published on 20 May 2020 / In People & Blogs

⁣You can't have it all, ladies. Life doesn't work that way.

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MrHenry 7 months ago

Gentlemen. In the Art of War it is Said do not attack a walled city. We as fathers have indeed attempted to attack the walled city on our own. No back up, no support by fire and with very bad Intel. 
The information has been distributed now by men such as yourself and others, the numbers are there by the millions, there is a solution. The simple version minus logistics is that we work to unite these abused, and disenfranchised Fathers, and anyone useful and willing. On mass we have ourselves a mostly peaceful protest. That will not be enough though as bitching is not the same as being proactive. We cease all purchases that provide tax revenue. We leave our jobs, we get into formations across the country and hold the fucking ground until these murderous greedy child fucking pricks remember that Master Blaster runs Barter Town. Demand the disillusion of the Family Courts system as it is unconstitutional and has no place in this Republic. We demand that child support laws be elimitated immediately as we know what they are there for. Any insintive for the government to take our kids to make money needs to go away. This will actually save billions in tax payer dollars and strengthen the family unit wich is the building block of civilization its self. The opposite of civilization being Butt Fucking Communism. There is way more to this. I would like to talk about this more if you do not mind. We have the information, we have the numbers to make a difference. At this point now with every we know starring at us in the face it is our fault that it is happening as we really have not united and faced this enemy head on. 
Since we have the information and the numbers we can no longer blame women or the government. It is our own fault for not acting. When we do nothing we deserve nothing. Am I wrong? Consider this. We as a population will untite to travel across the world and kill poor people in other places, but will not act to save our children our or selves.

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WaylanderTheSlayer 8 months ago

The great reset that they want is just like the one in Germany before WWII..... and look what that caused....

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george_bush 10 months ago

She loves and hates the ring, just as she loves and hates herself.

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Jeremy67A 1 year ago

Why should women put in the work that it takes to have a man, when Uncle Sugar steals the money from men's paychecks and hands it to them for free. We have to destroy the Welfare State before it destroys us. Feed the children turned into feed the cockroaches.

   3    0
volmernascimento 1 year ago

I want to watch the project but I'm in Brazil.... :(

   2    0
AntiCuck1982 1 year ago

I hear you brother.....

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Doug1914 1 year ago

WIC - Women Infants and Children

   4    0
Pale_Profit 1 year ago


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Jupiter33458 1 year ago

If women want to be picky, so can I. If I found myself suddenly single... my dating profile will be very specific.
Male looking for female 18+/<50
If you know how to use one of these (insert pic of 1911 trigger)
If you know what this is (insert pic of clutch, brake, accelerator) and how to use it.
If you don't mind if I smoke one of these (insert pic of cigar)
Hit me up.
Please note... our first meeting will occur at a shooting range for the following reasons...
1.) It will be public and you will be armed, so you should feel safe.
2.) If you're a no-show, I still get a day at the range.
This is non-negotiable
Also, I only check my messages between 9:30pm and 10:30pm. Please do not expect an immediate response or feel like I'm blowing you off.

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JGalvin 1 year ago

Love your poems, Popp. Keep 'em coming

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Nortmas 1 year ago

Both my daughters are currently employed, both are essential workers. One is out of college, IT support Spec, the other perusing the same degree but working quicky mart (gas station). One more semester and she should be gainfully employed. Winning!! :)

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aflow89 1 year ago

OH SHIT! Look at popp with the d&d reference! As a nerd that's fucking awesome to see mgtow nerds

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Baxter416 1 year ago

...without the electoral college, only large metropolitan areas in the US will determine the vote...and large metropolitan areas are largely...what...? ;-) Take France, for example, with no electoral college, Paris determines the vote...all of the mostly conservative people in rural areas just have to put up with the BS that Parisians votes for...:-/

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Gtilly 1 year ago

Let's have the government pay women not to get married It can be the Universal (women only) minimum basic income for doing nothing. They will lose it if they get married so we incentivize women staying single. We sell women on the concept by saying it is society paying them what they are owed for the wage gap and the second shift work (aka cleaning their own house and wanting to get paid for it). It will be highly likely that most women will never hold a job so long as they have a steady check but we could also say they lose the money if they go get a job. The cherry on top is we mandate that any woman who gets an abortion will be surgically sterilized so she can't ever get pregnant again. Women will all think that they've won the lottery with this plan and then we all get to watch them sink into sadness and depression when later they decide that they wanted something else than to be privileged.

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sardonicsmile 1 year ago

00:20. I am not sure there will be any significant resistance from men. From what we understand 80% of men are tradcon or male feminists.
Perhaps the 12% of us might be able to raise eyebrows but that is about all. The coffers will replenished until the currency is debased. Any of us who try to evade the system will be brought to "submission" via the government.

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anonmachina 1 year ago

I concur. I'm not planning for 'the long run', my health being suboptimal, but I am considering playing a real-life version of Punisher...because taking a dozen commies off the face of the Earth may prove....fun, as my final act.

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NullandVoid 1 year ago

My last girlfriend ,kicked me to the curb for a Rich ,4 Time Divorced ,Commodities Broker...2 years later...she shows up at my, trying to crawl back into my life....Weighing 20 pounds more and looking 20 years older (she was 31) I said......Are you Fucking kidding me?....Hit the Road Jack ..(her names Jacklin)..Never Darken my Life again!...Shes started crying...I closed the door (never let her in) and Smiled......MGTOW

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BartFine1Ab 1 year ago

My ex Wife is 40 and fat( I fucked her when she was 2o)

   12    0
wroger_wroger 1 year ago

I published this....
Mostly because ONCE I saw wrinkles across the forhead of Emma Watson, my biological brain said, "She is past her useby date". She is basically infertile and a waste of time.

   11    0
doczg88 1 year ago

Oh no!! Poor women. We need to do something to help them...

   5    0
Herbalist 1 year ago

Amen, Brother! " She may look great at twentyeight, but at fortyeight I could take 'em or leave 'em." P R E A C H

   5    0

Any woman single after 40 is single for a reason, and not a good reason at that. Better for us to live our own best lives and leave these ageing harpies to their cats and cask wine.

   8    0
MadrigalTV 1 year ago

Glad to know my now-fat, lying, parasitic whore ex-wife is facing the future she so richly deserves.

   14    0
AngryCoffee 1 year ago

I will just skip through all the children and the migraines and bullshit. It is called a 20 USD and toss it out after. Pay for it one way or another. At least paying women to fuck is more honest.

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One_Ronin 1 year ago

Lots of thumbs down on everyone's posts. Good to see the basement dwelling trolls are alive and well.

   5    0
thoughtcriminal1215 1 year ago

The only reason I can see to have a relationshit is to have children. Women over 35 equal possible disabled children. So fuck that. I will hoss and toss 20_30 year old women.

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Wolf_joseph 1 year ago

Prepare for the bad times
Brought to you by the weak men and libtards of our generation

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doczg88 1 year ago

Stand by your man...and the problem solved...

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One_Ronin 1 year ago

I tried dating a few times recently (been single for a while). Not to be difficult but the pool of women is horrible, I find them boring, self centered, entitled, closed minded and looking for a new servant, literally bringing nothing to the table, except for their perceived golden V. I am going to take my fit body, my substantial bank account, my glorious sense of humor and my craving for adventure and go have fun by myself.....

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Nerevar 1 year ago

If you don't have a dog yet, get one! It'll be your best friend during those adventures!

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stingygamer 1 year ago

23:45 unfortunately, you're right Popp. Soon, the gravy train will crash. Solution:

Buy $5,000 worth of silver. Keep $5,000 in cash. Buy a gun (multiple guns, high caliber) and lots of ammo. Have 3 months supply of food and water, preferably canned foods.

Bonds are already worthless. Your stocks won't disappear or lose all their value, but there may be a long-term downturn and you wouldn;t want to sell while they are low.

1. Have liquid real assets (silver, gold) and a gun to protect them

2. Have food and water

3. Have friends nearby

   7    0
stingygamer 1 year ago

3:27 marriage rate and birthrate are both at record lows, great news for men

   10    0
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