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Divorce Attorneys React to Viral TikTok Video

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Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

We are bringing back Jennifer Pratt, Esq. along with her husband and experienced Family Court Attorney, Daniel Silver, Esq. We will react to a viral Tik Tok video featuring a man that lost half his assets in divorce and how to prevent it for other men.

Guests: Jennifer C. Pratt, Esq and Daniel Silver, Esq
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0:00-2:19- Jennifer and Daniel introduction
4:41- Superchats
8:05- Tik Tok Video begins
10:24- Initial thoughts and reaction
14:02- Two main lega issues: Equitable distribution and allimony/support
15:45- Women paying alimony
16:50- Fresh recounts being married and mistakes made
17:45- Infidelity and adulatory in FL courts? Infidelity affecting child custody
21:00- Dr. Dre divorce breakdown begins, discovery, mistresses, prenuptials under duress etc.
23:00- Do prenuptials work? How do it correctly and protect yourself
27:00- Superchats
29:50- Partnership agreements and divorce and or death of partner
33:00- How to mitigate damage during a co-habitation with a child and protect yourself and assets/avoid the court system (GEM)
35:00- Hiding assets? Swiss bank accounts? Crypto?
38:50- Imputation of income explained
40:40- Have representation
41:25- Jenn and Dan's marriage situation/prenuptials
42:55- Going to court is the last resort
44:20- Imputation of income Pt. II
47:04- Trusts and irrevocable trusts to protect assets
48:17- Prenuptials in paternity case, and FL paternity laws to find biological father?
48:55- Military marriages
50:26- Man cashes out BTC and wife gets mad lol
50:43- Can you put it in arbitration like you do in a business contract so you don’t end up in Family Court?
54:10- Multiple prenuptial agreements?
54:50- How often should one update their prenuptial agreement?
56:10- Separate banks accounts?
57:00- Using surrogate mothers to circumvent family court?
59:14- Is income received from personal assets prior to marriage still considered martial funds or personal?
1:00:17- Foreign nationals married in a foreign country, but live in USA, what difference does it make in divorce or separation procedures?
1:01:01- Prenuptials work? (Part II)
1:02:40- Temporary support and the REAL reason Dr. Dre's wife will drag on the case...non-quantifiable suffering from divorce
1:05:11- How much should people spend on a prenuptial agreement?
1:07:30- How far out should I have the prenuptial agreement shown to the spouse and signed? (GEMS)
1:11:27- Can LLCs protect you from divorce liability, and how to penetrate LLC protection?
1:12:48- Purchasing property in foreign property covered by prenuptial agreement in PA?
1:14:00- Dangers of foreign property in divorce?
1:14:45- Can equitable distribution be waived?
1:15:00- Outro, closing statements

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TikTok Video: https://youtu.be/1W3wAXwg-gk


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scott sanger
scott sanger 13 days ago

YOU ARE A COMPLETE LOSER IF YOU MARRY in todays legal environment......... NO ATTORNEYS needed , you deserve to be destroyed.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 13 days ago

the two attorneys partake in a cesspool of human filth..... if you need a prenup, dont get married..........NO PRENUP is ironclad...........the JUDGE rules, the attorneys just take your money...... until the laws are changed,, NEVER MARRY........ may the attorneys rot in their chosen group.

   1    0
Lucifer333 13 days ago

The lawyers are ok, but indeed, the only thing you need marriage is to get kids, but in that case go surrogacy

   0    0
Lucifer333 13 days ago

The lawyers are ok, but indeed, the only thing you need marriage is to get kids, but in that case go surrogacy

   1    0
Freshers 16 days ago

"We need you to get married so we can ruin your life and get paid to do it." Don't forget to maintain frame!

   2    0
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