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Discussing Jubilee, Men's Rights, Feminism, and Self-defense with Vaush

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Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣It's my first debate with him so go easy on me. I didn't do any favors by not preparing, but I just happened to be on Twitch when I found out he was streaming. I decided to jump at the chance to speak with him instead of having my sources on hand. Will do better next time (if there will be one).

0:00 - 3:26 Jubilee deceptively editing their Feminists VS Men's Right's Activists discussion
3:42 - 5:10 What MRA's have done for men vs what feminists have done for men
5:30 - 9:20 Why I say I oppose Female Supremacy/Gynocentrism instead of "feminism"
9:20 - 11:10 I argue that anti-abortion women have a selfish agenda
11:10 - 14:00 Reproductive Coercion, Spermjacking, and search result bias
14:23 - 23:35 Political Lesbianism, MGTOW, and the legality of Womyn's Lands in relation to the Civil Rights Act of 1968
26:15 - 34:17 Excessive force in self-defense and surveillance
34:18 - 34:42 Final meme

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