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Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

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Go your own way guys

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AvyScottAndFlower 13 days ago


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Maxxx 14 days ago

Yeah good riddance.

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Dib D'Abo
Dib D'Abo 14 days ago

Our black community is completely fucked.

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Bobby_Chan 15 days ago

She is getting paid for the dance either directly or indirectly...

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mrghoster 15 days ago

Did you see the FACE on that CUNT? Looked like Demon to me! At least that fence color covers up the SHIT it's putting out! LOL! What you giu's have to remember with the modern fefail is when they dance naked like this it isn't all Attention Seeking? They do it not so much for MEN to notice them but for their own DELUDED Mind to LIE to them that they have some worth.

they don't seem to comprehend that when a MAN walks down a STREET every Lamp Post looks the same to him, and that is what a fefails body has become? It's become "OVERKILL"! A naked fefail in public to me simply spells out in BIG letter's "Damaged Good's".

I mean don't fefails she if they want to stun a (REAL) MAN a smile and a few nice words of praise or something would probably knock him side way's in today's Fucked Up Broken Clown Planet! But MEN know now exactly what they get from a fefail and I think it is far to late for the fefail?

Did you know globally there is approx 8 fefails to every one MALE? Fuck if we ever needed a Pandemic it should be Gender Specific and wipe out at least half of the fucking WHORES? At least today if a MAN keeps himself to himself and his Dick in his pant's he is reasonably safe, as we see the Hoe's clip into insanity he should avoid them at all costs?

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 15 days ago

Even the low level men aren't "makin' it rain" on that whore.

The internet never forgets.

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SIGMA78 15 days ago

Women are indeed four legged abominations XD

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SIGMA78 15 days ago

whordy whore whore whore, Such a disgusting four legged abomination twerking around

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Fangs13 15 days ago

............ twerking is not dancing ... she's just promoting herself as a whore.

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Richard August
Richard August 15 days ago

Women are shameless anymore. They think that by dancing naked, screaming, yelling, cursing, twerking, and then blaming men for calling them out on it, that they will get love and attention. Really, they will get NOTHING.

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