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Did MGTOW Predict the Coming Cat Lady Epidemic?

Texting Prince
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Published on 06 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

In todays video we are visiting Female Dating Strategies on reddit to breakdown the question that many MGTOW and redpill men talk about...

Will there be a coming Cat Lady Epidemic in the near future?

We will examine that here

Oh and at the very end I briefly touch on why being a bachelor is the right move when you see ANOTHER high-status male is about to hit the divorce seen with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian



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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 19 days ago

We sure did. We knew all along, Amen

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LongRedRoad 19 days ago

she divorced a man and got a cat.... I wish they would just get the cat first and leave men alone
the only winning move is not to play

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Sir 20 days ago

One major Flaw here is that Women are Naturally geared towards Attention from Men.

Women are Wired to seek Attention & a certain level of Validation that they want Confirmed Verbally and in other Ways, by Men. Cats or pets Cannot fulfill that type of Attention & Validation.

Thus, it should be Interesting how the Coming or progressive Cat Lady Epidemic pans out given that Truism I just mentioned. ツ

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Wolf178 20 days ago

In my finest Nelson voice, HA HA...... for a MAN cats are NOT A SIGN OF FAILURE, NORMALLY we get at most 2 not several

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