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Did America Just Die?

Published on 05 Jun 2024 / In Comedy
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myopinion 2 months ago

P.S.A. ... Any time, you hear, the word science. Take a moment, ... to recognize who's saying it. Plenty of weirdos, will try to slander it. The scientific Method, IS ......... & WILL BE, ........ the best thing, ....... for telling, & discovering, the world around us. (NOT the bible) ........ It's basically, just detective work, or people that search for clues, then test them. The studies, are the best of knowledge, that we have, at that moment. True Science, is always open for debate, ( unlike rigid dogmatic religion ) There's a BIG difference, between some KOOKY priest, saying things, that have NO evidence, ..... and the current knowledge, of science, ..... that everyone, .... in the ENTIRE world, .... is ENCOURAGED to, try, & prove wrong. ...... ( you could become FAMOUS, .... so get out there, & update the science. ) Science will NEVER shy's away, from skeptics, ( with actual proof ) ( like the religious do ) ........ & will gladly, ...... be updated, ...... & announced, ( to the world ), as it happens. ********** W A R N I N G ******* The key thing, .... you have to remember, .... is, ........ people can become corrupt, ( or have religious agenda's to try and ruin the name of science) & the more greed, & money involved, often leads to govt.'s, that AVOID, the ACTUAL scientific method, & instead, push their agenda through. ...... (cough *&%*the&^%&jabs&&^*i.m.o.) ALSO, ... pay attention, to who's funding, the research, & who's reporting the results, & who's benefitting, from the results. ....... OR, ... even if it's from people you trust, .. DID THEY DO ? ENOUGH RESEARCH ? The choice, in the end, should be left, up to you, to decide.

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Uhm, trust the Bible, not the proest, and if he's Catholic, uhm keep an eye on your kids...

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