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Debunking the Cuckinator | Grunt Speak Highlights

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Published on 18 Aug 2021 / In Comedy

⁣One of the best action stars of all time has sold out and become just like his father. That’s not a good thing. So let’s debunk his Faucism from the top down and bottom up.
#GruntSpeakLive #Cuckinator #ArnoldSchwarzenegger
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I just had to add this:

Two Dicks riding the Carousel:

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You need some whorish rouge on the cheeks and a ribbon or two in the hair....

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HairlessMonkey 2 months ago

"Screw your freedoms!" Isn't that what the nazis used to say?

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HairlessMonkey 2 months ago

And don't forget this:
No, Masks Don’t Work: Ending the Debate Once and For All - Sep 5, 2020 | COVID-19

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gchase 2 months ago

Do the math...this virus has a 99% survivability rate. 95% of confirmed cases are not hospitaized...sent home for 2 weeks isolation. Its the frigging flu! The masks are useless. Virologists told us over a year ago!
Keep your vaxx.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

I can't help but wonder (((WHO))) came into Arnold's life, lately? Either he's been a disingenuous movie puppet all these years or (((SOMEBODY))) made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

[ADL rep speaking in a thick Yiddish accent] Mr Terminator, you have many nice things and an excellent reputation from playing very manly parts on the movie screen. Many of my people have watched you over the years and you have worked directly with many Mossad agents on the set and didn't even know it. We want you to be part of the Olam Ha Bah and use your great presence to speak for us. We want your endorsement of the corona virus narrative and to use your Terminator personality to get more people to take the shots.

[Arnold] That stuff is poison! I can't tell people to take the shots and submit to this tyranny!

[ADL w/ thick Yiddish accent] Mr Schwarnzeneger, you don't understand. Let me show you some pictures that the Mossad has collected of you. Both in your acting career and as Governor. We have many tape recordings of you in your youth and saying things that are not friendly to the Jewish people. You don't want such embarrassment now do you? Would you throw away a lifetime of achievement just because of these?

[Arnold] No... (seeing his life flash before his eyes)

[ADL] I knew you would come to our side. Don't worry about your fans. We control all forms of media and will not let your name be smeared if you cooperate. We can easily create a new crisis in a day and they will forget about your betrayal. They will forget and more people will take the shot because of your endorsement. And now, Mr. Schwarzeneger, here are some papers for you to sign, some talking points, and a list of shows you will be appearing on.

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KEEPER 2 months ago

I'm sharing this with all my liberal triggered aunts and uncles.

Sometimes you gotta ripp the bandaid off to teach a valuable lesson.

Use this link guys.

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BIGLOAD 2 months ago

Wow- 'Awnold' really is a DOPE. . . and Duck & Cover was a novel idea as well.

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