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Deborah Cooper Says Women Only Need Male Sex Dolls - Oh Really?

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 04 Jun 2020 / In Entertainment

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AladinDarkness 1 year ago

But... Doesn't Feminism say the same thing over and over again?
A surrogate mother would be cheaper than a wife...
I worked, she didn't, and I did 80% of the housework, and she only did the dishes because I didn't get them 'clean' enough.

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RaphaelMichaels 1 year ago

Whenever women get involved in anything they screw it up. Now they're talking about sex dolls and equating men who like the young feminine girl ones as pedophiles. They're not calling cam girls who have sex with the cookie monster teddy bear "cookie monsterphiles" or "teddy bear philes". What about the cam girls having sex with female sex dolls ? - are they lesbodollphilles? This woman are ugly; no man whom they respect wants them; these ugly women need to shut up and learn how to be a good wife before opening up their mouths on anything.

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sithsith 1 year ago

This bitch is probably better as a ball's coach licking a man's balls until he comes in her mouth!
She is just an empty vapid black whore !!
Disgusting black whore , with no logic and reason!

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Furioso 1 year ago

Male sexbots don't protect women,don't date and don't make money .We don't need women's eggs to reproduce anymore , there is a scientific study which said that we can reproduce with a fusion of a skin cell and a sperm ,and only men have the two chromosomes and sperm.Artificial wombs will be ready sooner than we think .Most medias which serves the globalists elites agenda loves to tease us about the future (movie:Blade runner 2049, demolition man ,videogame:Death stranding,music : James Brown, Serge Gainsbourg:sex machine...) So yeah women are screwed ,too bad for the ladies .They wanted to be like men ,they will work more like men because simps are becoming less and less numerous with time .Marriage rates show us that more and more men don't want to get marry ,they learning and see with their own eyes the female fuckery .GAME OVER men wins end of the story

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eldrazi317 1 month ago

If they want to fuck male sexdolls then let them. I see no problem with it as long as they don’t try to pull some bull where guys can’t get a female sexdoll.

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desperadodave 1 year ago

The egg and sperm are able to be created from germ cells cultivated from human skin.

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