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Death Penalty Because of Blue Lined Vagina

Published on 28 May 2020 / In News & Politics

A suicidal man in Springdale, Ohio gets what what he wants by getting the state to execute him for killing a Blue Isis vagina member. He attacked another former vagina he used to see. The system is broken and can no longer be repaired...

GYOW guys, women are not worth the trouble.

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Toki 1 year ago

Is Blue Isis a new thing? This week right?
It fits I like it :) The King's men are goons working for a paycheck to keep their selfish wives sated and kids fed. Dumbasses fell for the wive and kids economic trap. If they lose their job right now it's family court time. Guaranteed Gov Aid for a divorcee of a police officer. Oh the poor victim right?

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The Blue Isis Nazi Gestapos are fucking scum and they need to be totally defunded and dismantled. Its safer if every sovereign person has a gun that way we can catch the real criminals.

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