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DC Long - Army Combat Vet's Mysterious UFO Encounter in Underground Military Base | SRS #66 (Part 2)

Published on 30 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

The Whistleblower Marathon continues with former Army Combat Veteran DC Long. DC and his Father, then government contractors, were tasked with standing up a shoot house at Range 19. Before they knew it, they were ushered underground at gunpoint only to encounter a "Monolithic Slab."

Long shares his story in great detail, recounting the sights and sounds of this UAP / UFO. Long describes a series of events that unfolded post his encounter that would ultimately separate he and his Father for life. This episode is a cold, hard look at how sinister the aftermath of such an encounter can be.

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Whistleblowers - please write to: dclongranger@gmail.com

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00:00 - Introduction
02:50 - Military Career
04:22 - Building contractor
08:40 - Fort Bragg
11:01 - Floating Monolith
25:16 - Losing His Father
33:18 - Assassination attempt
42:56 - Exposing truth and being an American

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