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Dating apps are holding on for dear life, and they're failing

Published on 16 May 2024 / In People & Blogs

Bumble wants to get rid of that whole 'getting to know each other' phase and more about getting right to the 'you down to F' phase, I guess? They don't know anything about dating, and it shows.

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Toki 26 days ago

Oh thank the Gods it's AI art this time. Keep using AI art BB. If you're going to clickbait then aim for the good stuff if you stick to realistic instead of full waifu. It may be AI art there but damn she almost looks real.
I also find it hilarious how you judge this dating site who wants men's money for clickbait using AI art? But then you clickbait using all kinds of lewd images of ugly real thots then ask for viewer's money? So what is the dating site doing wrong again that you are not also doing?
I'm all about sharing waifus pics for free. You want money go to a job like an adult. I'm not paying for dating apps or anything online.

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NeoGeoGamer 27 days ago

AI matchmaking: match every woman with the the chaddest guy whose standards are low enough to still fuck her.

It will be a fucking catastrophe.

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faxohem 26 days ago

It would be pretty easy to achieve too

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saaralgris 27 days ago

Wow, look how quickly online dating has devolved into a clown show....why would any valuable man engage?

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faxohem 26 days ago

Lack of options?

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WMHarrison94 27 days ago

I believe it... now when I look at computers to buy namely laptops/netbooks and All-In-One (AIO) I make sure the camera can be lowered (AIO), has a slot to slide over it or can be turned off, namely on laptops: MSI and some IBM Lenovo are good about that, oh yeah and absolutely touchscreen only. As for mini pics or towers, just unplug the cameras and mics...

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This is on the same level as online chess.....

The players start to stop playing the game, and start to lean on the computer for assistance to win, and the eventually it just becomes 2 computers playing each other, with the users name......

AI assisted dating = LOSE LOSE.

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