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Darwin on wheels

Published on 14 Feb 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Councilof1 3 months ago

Second and Third World countries are crazy. No rules of the road and I'd swear they don't have brake's. None of them hit brake's or tries to avoid the collision. It's like a permanent game of chicken.

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Yeah ----- Some days, shit just happens.....

Yeah I have observed that while many people who have fast motorcycles, claim that you need the speed and power to get you out of trouble, more often that not, it's rushing, in combination with the speed and power, and failing to consider all the necessary issues, and lacking the time and distance to assess everything - that gets most people on motorcycles, into collisions and near misses..

Like these cunts (who me?) - doing 90 Kmh in a 60 Kmh zone, in suburban peak hour traffic, rushing around and weaving, and then someone ahead of them decides to make a turn - and the idiot on the motorcycle plough's straight into the side of the car, and then complains about, "Why didn't they look where they were going?"

Where as if the traffic was all slow bumper to bumper stuff, and they had been riding the motorcycle at a jogging speed faster than the cars...

Threading their way through the near stationary traffic...

It could have easily been avoided - by slowing down, paying attention, and not rushing....

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pathologicalimbicile 3 months ago

music: Coffin Storm

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