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Dark Parody and Villainous Clowns | Matt Walsh | EP 362

Published on 01 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and political commentator Matt Walsh discuss his landmark documentary, “What Is A Woman?,” its inception and purpose, how the trans movement has distorted culture and endangered children, the realities of being mobbed, and how Matt continues to push the envelope with his ongoing endeavors.

Matt Walsh is a popular writer, speaker, and one of the Right's most influential voices. He is the host of “The Matt Walsh Show,” and author of the best-selling children’s book Johnny the Walrus. His documentary “What is a Woman?” has become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most talked-about documentaries of 2022.

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WIAW (Movie)

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(0:00) Coming up
(0:28) Intro
(1:40) A hectic year
(4:15) Demonetized, vague reasoning
(6:00) Liars and butchers
(6:36) What Is A Woman? Inception of the film
(11:19) Sex is older than your nervous system
(13:00) Canada produced a psychogenic epidemic
(15:16) 20 Percent of young people identify as LGBT+
(16:47) Aggressive affirmation, missing suicide numbers
(18:32) Core premise of the film
(19:51) Clinical psychologists are failing, subjective identification
(24:54) A satirical edge
(29:26) Grifters and villainous clowns
(37:24) Victims becoming victimizers
(38:34) Grasping the shift in our culture
(41:08) Nonverbal axioms
(43:29) Getting people to speak in the film
(46:14) The price of being mobbed
(49:33) Reverse logic to justify violence
(50:27) Would you rather have a trans child or a…
(52:12) The APA Trans study paper is a joke
(54:11) Common sense
(56:56) The false idea that becoming trans is stabilizing
(58:36) The desecration of beauty
(59:34) Launching the public conversation, ethics of change
(1:02:38) The difference between breast enhancement and mutilation
(1:06:59) Body integrity disorder, and why we should not affirm
(1:09:14) The eradication of transgenderism, Ken Zucker
(1:14:53) The importance of the ideal
(1:17:09) Worshiping the worst aspects of hedonism
(1:20:00) The anxiety machine, the false promise of choice
(1:25:10) Following subjective feeling leads to misery
(1:27:57) Being conscripted into another’s delusion
(1:31:57) Stay tuned



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