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Danny Masteron The Reason Why AMS Subs Must Go Monk Mode

Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs


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AmericanPartisan 4 months ago

Get a Doll!
Same level of intelligence as Modern Women.

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tekrat 4 months ago

12:49 truth

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IncelTV 4 months ago

you did yourself a disservice with that name. When I first saw your name I thought you were a PUA like that AMS, cos your name's so similar and "alpha male" term is often used by PUAs. Didnt know you were blackpilled about pua scam and female nature.

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поклоняющийся богу варвар

ikr, he channel is good, he gives some generic or inacurate redpill videos from time to time, but usually he is very blackpilled

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