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Cute 23 Year Old Woman Wants To Be Roasted - MGTOW

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Published on 05 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs

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I'm 23 working a dead-end job for less than living wage

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Andrew. He wants me to cover an old reddit post called: "I'm 23 working a dead-end job for less than living wage, my only friends are old people and I smoke a disturbing amount of week to escape. Self-loathing is lonely, come join the party" and someone named Dekachin5 posted a comment roasting her and she wasn't too happy and had him banned for 90 days on Reddit. I'll read what he said but it's quite long so before I do let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Chris Whalen: Anyways, now back to the 23 year old woman wanting saying that she wants to be insulted but is fishing for compliments clown world show. Normally I don't show pictures but I thought what the heck considering this post is banned and I'm not worried about being thrown off of reddit. Here's what dekachin5 has to say: "Lady I know you know you're good looking. I'm sure men are all trying to smash you, and will be until you get a bit older and your looks fade. Your lips are a huge asset, major DSL, and I'm sure you get complimented constantly on your lips and your eyes. You did everything in your power to show off in this pic. So you gave people nothing to work with and you know it. You carefully tailored this post to be as un-roastable as possible. Than, to make it seem like that's not what you were doing, you wrote a title saying you don't make money and smoke a lot of weed. But pretty girls don't need to have careers. Unlike with men. It would be trivial for you to get a reasonably attractive man who made $100K a year to marry you and impregnate you, at which point the fact that you have no career becomes meaningless. The true roast here is that you have no value as a person apart from your looks, specificially your lips, eyes, hair and face in general. Your body is almost certainly nothing special other than the fact that you're not fat, or else you would have worn something fitted to show it off. So you're concave and and probably don't have a booty. Just a skinny chick with a meh body and a really boinkable face. It's pretty common for girls like you to drive aimlessly through life with no real goals or ambition because your life is already on easy mode and you have no fear of ending up in a bad place. You mention that you're super poor, yet you smoke tons of weed. Weed is expensive. You're obviously not paying for it. You're getting it for free one way or another because of your face. You'll spend your 20s wasting the best years of your life in that dead-end job smoking weed all the time. You'll date lost of "Chad" guys who will boink your face for a while and get lots of fond memories of it, but who will ultimately get bored of nutting in and on you, and move onto a more fulfilling relationship with a better long-term girlfriend. You'll ride the rooster roller coaster in this way and waste your 20s on dead end relationships like your dead end job. In your late 20s and mid 30s sometime, you'll panic and finally know fear. Fear of being alone and failing at life. So you'll do what all the other many, many pretty women do at that age once they realize they won't be young and pretty forever: you'll settle. You'll find a guy who makes money who is "good enough" to stand being around, and forever: you'll convince yourself you love him and lie to yourself that you're not settling even though that's exactly what you're doing. So you'll get married and maybe pregnant in order to assuage your fears of aging alone and poor.

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prepzmgtow 2 months ago

She'll end up with a guberment job where you can be week smoking loser the rest of your life, have no responsibility, and do a shit job, all while getting a regular paycheck and benefits that are mathematically unsupportable without forced taxpayer rape.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

the only way to be your best self is.............GET RID OF DEAD WEIGHT. .....stop being a slave to the plantation.

   6    0
Alucard1776 2 months ago

With words or with a stick up her ass over a fire

   6    0
NoFemVAL 2 months ago

cunts require attention to survive like men need air, water and food.

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