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Cuck Greg Adams stop been greedy

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Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

coach Greg Adams video

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Redpill Mgtow Portugal Wolf

I agree this DAD is nothing but a trickster and a scammer.
Even sandman has a lot of very strange videos that subliminally implant very strange ideas... And are passed as "sponsored post/ donation"

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FL_Steve 2 months ago

Coach Greg Adams and one of his PUA grifter buddies came here to downvote you lol!

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Maxxx 2 months ago

Ken always keeping it real.

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Pale_Profit 2 months ago

Any Man associated with 21 studios is a PUA

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Red Pill Satori
Red Pill Satori 2 months ago

He is right tho...women will generally have each others back, where men will literally kill each other for some female validation, but he is being a pussy trying to shame men into supporting him.

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Gonzo17ab 2 months ago

Waaaah my pussy hurts! This dude needs a tampon I guess that's why he charges.

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Shlogthehog 2 months ago

Cope Greg Adams

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scott sanger
scott sanger 2 months ago

crabs in a bucket , trying desperately to pull the escaping crabs back in.......... whiners, complainers, perma victims. CGA is already out of the bucket.......... you however will always be stuck.

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KenDelrican 2 months ago

Those who speak in metaphor like yourself can suck your daddy dick mother fucker

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

'Double monkey backflip'

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

I'm not into PUA stuff and sorry but coach is a soft PUA. Quit listening to him a while ago.

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Redpill Mgtow Portugal Wolf

As soon as they start asking for money.. they reveal their true game

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sauger1001 2 months ago

Well, I guess I'll keep studying the most Trustworthy, Red Pilled Book in the history of mankind: The Bible (JMO). CGA's statement is more proof (imo) of Jer. 10:23.

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AmanleyLoad 2 months ago

Lol, ive been posting material in basically poverty with electricity. never sold a damn thing. This was the last guy i respected out of that. You rely on your skills to supply a usefull and productive experiences in life. If your life is working of the elitist symptom og male demoralization and confusion and then ask them for money. Bad excuse. That was out of context and most of us (i hope) are referring to what they are selling as proof of intention. We think till state releases their interest in female control theres no helping them and by mingling with them you are put on a state list of interest. Your a willing potential tax payer do no there addicted to your money and dedication to the cause of state control through female control which destabilizes, de moralized and basically destroy civilisations. These man are just making better workers for this slave system run by evil people who give women all the power they need. Only we as men can take it back. We embrace our abilities as a man. we can fight (one of our qualities thats trying to be removed) for what we want. These PUA'S are just government slave drives

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