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The Realist Philosopher
Published on 13 Apr 2021 / In Entertainment

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FL_Steve 22 days ago

Jordan Peterson was already pushing the "carnivore diet". Well really his single mom daughter was pushing it. This guy and his daughter are a train wreck. Why would anyone take advice from that guy? I mean just being Canadian makes him sus enough. lol

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GoogleSucks 22 days ago

Great call out of Jordan Peterson. Underneath all his "intellectual" cloaking, you are absolutely correct that he too is nothing more than another grifter. He's no different than the PUA cuck convention types, only way more sophisticated, and he's a tradcuck rather than a PUA male feminist. He is a virtuoso at grifting, a true artiste'. I will give him that. I wish more could see this and so not get bamboozled by his Pied Piper spell, that is not get baffled by his bullshit.

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Hammerhead69 23 days ago

PUA no way ain't got time for that. Don't trust women enough to bang one anymore. Find a female that you can have any trust in, good luck.

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