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CPS Worker Tells Underage Girl to Become a Street Walker | Live From The Lair

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Published on 17 Aug 2022 / In Other

⁣When the system that’s supposed to protect our children goes out of their way to victimize them, what are they there for?
#LiveFromTheLair #CPScorruption #FatherlessHomes

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AcquireZeal 13 days ago

The system can't become trusted. It was always made to be this way. The purpose of CPS is to attack the family. It's not needed as much now because feminism has completely destroyed the family, but in past decades, the state would use it to seize children and process them into career criminals. How bad a parent would you have to be that CPS and foster care and juvy would raise your kid better?

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CPS = Child Professional Stealers

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Seethemturn 2 months ago

Cps is part of the demorilisation program. Kid theft is just part of their pirks.

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Julian6669 2 months ago

never let the cunts in!!!!!!!!!!!! same in the un-uk they are total cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they even try it on widowers not just widows and vulnerable single mothers. they are cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id make em live a long life of mental and physical suffering until they were a hundred fucking years old and worse than the film the 7 deadly sins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but worst is what they do to our children i fucking hate you cps usa and cafcass/social services aka ss', (theres an irony!)

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TANGO666 2 months ago

where do they live? i'll will track hunt and kill that individual.

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