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Covid Satire - dead people everywhere

Amanley Load
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Published on 27 Nov 2020 / In Comedy

a funny comedy piece

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Councilof1 3 months ago

The way the msm has been screaming to the heavens about the death's reminds me of the bring out your dead scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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AmanleyLoad 3 months ago

HAHAH i watched ferocous Creatures few days back. Love John Cleese. He left the UK and doesnt plan on coming back because he also hate who runs the country but yeah. They say the NHS health service is stressed. Well if you close a hospital down that would happen. This entire thing is an orchestrated event. The 5G set up under cloak and dagger, lockdowns the stop descent and people talking, infrastructure change and a new totalitarian dictatorship slowly been set up as "our protection" When the police are supposed to protect us but them barbarian cunts are the ones enforcing everything. Its all working in tangent to create a new slave race of unhealthy injected kids

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