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Coronavirus: Your Kung Flu is No Good | Popp Culture Uncensored

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 20 Mar 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Now that COVID-19 has made its American debut, let the political propaganda begin!
#coronavirus #covid19 #kungflu #chinesevirus

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"Invictus Rex" by Shaka

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DarkDan65 3 days ago

Ironicly I'v been stocking up for a while for a different reason. But you gave good advice like always. I just thank God that My daughter and grand daughters are on base with her husband. (I lucked out, he is Ranger and SF Officer - BUT - He was SSG first) Take care POPP. PS, started your book, got hard copy incase grid goes TI for any reason.

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Rotten Corp
Rotten Corp 6 days ago

The Ranger with the news from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord had 5 cases of COVID-19 with one hospitalized. They have shut down the schools and non essential services. Transfers are suspended for 60 days. Off base leave is limited to Seattle in the North and Shelton in the south. The commissary is open, but heaven help you if you don't have your active military ID and Veterans don't have access for the moment.

It looks like the military there has things pretty well covered and they are well organized.

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JDWolf 6 days ago

That was great Popp! The truth as far as I could tell. That Redhead dancing during the Booty Break was fantastic as well! Who is she?

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sparkythewelder 7 days ago

What is the music clip running during the credits?

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LongRedRoad 9 days ago

great video!

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