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Coronavirus: Will There Be Martial Law? | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 23 Mar 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣With over 1 million military and law enforcement personnel to be potentially dispatched during this crisis, people are wondering how far down the rabbit hole this pandemic will take us.

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OneDayCloserToDeath 7 days ago

a) quarantining without testing first is just not intelligent. Can you say incubator?
b) here in mexifornia "essential" has taken on the meaning of keeping most of the economy going and giving government employees paid time-off.
c) i've not stopped going to work.
d) stores have not stopped being open though most seem to have reduced their hours open to the public.
e) i can still go to drive-up windows and get my mainstay of health... fast food.
f) saw several females today that have enough fat stored on them, that if the had the right supplements could do a water fast for at least six months.
g) is nearly 64 included in the "high risk" group ?, and as long as I do my job will anyone around me care?

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According to anti-MGTOWers they think we are jews for being MGTOW LOL. Well they got it somewhat right because I am a jew lmfao!!! Its just irrelevant to say that now.

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Franc FooFoo
Franc FooFoo 8 days ago

ive been hiding in my studio for the last 3.5 years writing music , another 3.5 years sounds fine to me. i only eat 5 or 6 six full size meals a week. too easy. i have kangaroos in my neighbourhood that make for great red meat. pretty sure music / studio producers are goinbg to handle this the best. prolly same with video producers.... "finally there is no one interrupting my work" lol

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 8 days ago

It’s good that this bioweapon is very vulnerable to higher temperatures, Which it luckily only effects people with weaker immune systems including the elderly ones and isn’t really as bad as the flu. Since Covid-19 has killed way less healthier people. Though the Coronavirus isn’t as bad as the previous diseases. The mainstream media is making a very big deal over it + making up most false cases and blaming most other flu related deaths in the US on Covid-19 as an attempt to push down the stock markets by scaring us all into a recession just for them to then blame it on trump. When in reality it’s the corrupt fake news fear-mongering media who’s actually to blame for causing our stock markets to come down. Which this whole False-flag event was the deep state-democrats last ditch effort against Trump, Boris Johnson, and all of the patriots. What’s very suspicious is that it took place during the China trade agreement and right in the beginning of the 2020 elections.
#Truth #GreatAwakening

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Franc FooFoo
Franc FooFoo 8 days ago

sounds like a fascist virus if you ask me. choosing weak beings for the sunday roast etc

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I always take the agorist approach at changing things for the better as it should be, I don't vote ever.

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