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Coronavirus: Preparations and Medications | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
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Published on 24 Mar 2020 / In People & Blogs

Take a tour through the Lair with Popp as he talks about all of the preparations he began two months ago for this Coronavirus quarantine⁣.

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SentientVerity 1 day ago

i wan't to see more survival stuff on mgtow.tv

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SentientVerity 1 day ago

i bought powdered peanut butter, just add water. and also protein shake stuff oatmeal i'm weaning myself off of coffee because i don't want to experience the effects of not having it if this quarantine lasts any longer. i bought lots of peanut's, eggs.

i wish i thought about the power requirements in the case that the power goes out. i could probably bought a solar panel and some car batteries to sustain power if needed. but i didn't do that.

i like the self sustaining lifestyle stuff. but my knowledge is limited. the only thing i know how to do is create browns gas AKA hydrogen on demand. which can be used as a fuel, but it requires some kind of power to create it. there was a guy who built himself an underground tank to hold the gas and through out the year he would be collecting and using this gas for his whole house hold needs. and during winter he wouldn't be using his solar panels as much because the sun was more rare, but because he created his system to store the gas. he uses this during the winter months. quite inventive if you ask me.

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MrA_H0Ie 2 days ago

Come on, man. Will you ever get back to some normal MGTOW stuff instead of gloom and doom?
I understand that you're scared shitless because you're getting old, so the FLU could actually kill you, but for us regular dudes this disease has no risk factors.

Nobody under 40 dies from this little cold. It's a fuckin' nothing burger. Compare the FACTS to the swine flu or any other ACTUALLY dangerous disease that killed WORKING AGE people.

The only thing that now causes a real problem is panicking old dudes buying off everything, so we can't go on and live as usual. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. CALM DOWN ALREADY.

Coronavirus causes 7 to 15% of all flu like symptoms EVERY YEAR.

Every virus, let me repeat that, EVERY virus, has a new strain EVERY YEAR. There's nothing unusual about viruses having modifications. Strains that don't change die out next year. Common sense.

Every virus causing the flu EVERY year is new. Hundreds of thousands of OLD and WEAK people die of the CORONAVIRUS EVERY YEAR.

And nobody gave a shit last year or any year before about those old farts who were killed by the coronavirus every year.

Why? Because it's NORMAL that weak people die of mild problems.

That's why we call it "natural causes". Old people die. Good. They are useless anyway. Let them go peacefully, don't wind them up even more by this constant fear mongering.

Check the facts and CALM DOWN already.

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kzsola84 4 days ago

TX for sharing. I'm from Europe, here is different we don't prepare for doomsday just to have limited moving spaces.

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I don't vote, I'm an anarchist, but in my state, please get everyone to at least vote for third party get these fucking cuntservitaves and libtards out of here.

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Cheat the elections if you have to for third party. Screw the rules its already been done in history.

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