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Coronavirus Cancels Women's Careers HaHa - MGTOW

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Published on 31 Jul 2020 / In People & Blogs

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How coronavirus could do real, long-term damage to women’s careers

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Georges. He didn't send me specific topic so I'd like to cover a video called: "How coronavirus could do real, long-term damage to women’s careers". The worry is that if office environments open up before schools it means that mothers have to stay at home and take care of their kids instead of being able to return to work. While they are at home men will of course go back to work and men will get the promotions and corner offices and it's unfair because way more women than men will be stuck at home taking care of rugrats. At the end of the video the woman discussing this issue says that companies have to take into consideration both explicit and implicit bias when it comes to wether or not to give a woman a promotion. To me is just sounds more about bullshit baffling the brain. I'll get to more about how and why Coronavirus is cancelling women's career in just a second but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor the MGTOWs Guide To Retiring on 200k in Southeast Asia: Anyways, now back to the video. In the link I put in the description it's mentioned that 11.2% of women versus 10.2% of men are unemployed over the age of 20 in America. Forget about the wage gap. Now it looks like there's also an unemployment gap. Women are also more concerned about running out of money within three months. It's also mentioned that women spend 15+ hours more a week on domestic labor. Try telling that to many guys where their wife disappears into the kitchen and four hours later there still isn't anything to eat except tv dinners. Plus from my personal life experience it's women that make the bulk of the messes in the house. After-all a woman forces a guy to sell off all his personal stuff and the house is full of her personal items. So is it fair to expect men to do fifty percent or more of the household chores when they are making something like ten to twenty percent of the mess? The link I shared discusses how women in higher paid positions are suffering because they will lose promotions to men. Men of course being the villain. But what about women that work in the service industry? 20-30% of mall stores are permanently closed. Mind you working at Chuck E Cheese is not a career but those women are still getting it up the rear. Especially the ones that work selling clothing and personal goods because the majority of those jobs like amazon delivery people, UPS drivers and warehouse workers are given mostly men. Sure women are lowing low paid jobs but there aren't enough of them coming back to give women the opportunity to work. So here in Canada for example the government is getting into hundreds of billions of dollars worth of debt to hand money off to people that aren't working all the way into September. There's talk that it's going to become a universal basic income. What most people don't realize is that basic income needs to come from somewhere. Even at near zero percent interest rates if the government keeps borrowing and borrowing within ten or twenty years the interest rates on the debt will be untenable. But that's a long ways away and the people in power are just kicking the debt can down the road. But who's fault is it that women are losing more jobs than men?

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NoFemVAL 10 days ago

dont do shit for females

   2    0
Menwalkaway 11 days ago

Do not get Married
Do not Talk to women
Do not Trust women
Do not Help women
Do not Support women
Do not Protect women
Pretty clear women Hate all Men, it's Time to walk away.

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DutchCobbler 11 days ago

"Women won't be getting sexually harassed at home"
Yes they will. Spousal rape laws will be certain to make lawsuits against husbands for sexual harassment "on the job" totally plausible.

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if you don't support mgtow then you ain't black -mgtow joe biden

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scott sanger
scott sanger 11 days ago

home delivery for groceries from walmart , unlimited trips for 100 bucks a year.

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audiophile641 11 days ago

Nothing women do can be considered essential work like most men.The exceptions for women doing essential work are few and far between.The only ones I can think of is nurses and women doctors,other than those professions almost none of the other jobs women do are essential.I know mine is and I havent missed any work since this virus started.My work place never gonna close it cant for commerce to continue throughout the USA.

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ancientsea 11 days ago

This topic is so very important. These females will become CAM-Whores, for a paltry 100 +K per year !! The entire time they will never have an actual interaction with a man, just collection of his money. Where is CNN and MSNBC on this subject travesty????

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sauger1001 11 days ago

The FNM is made of mainly simps and booty lovers (think Donna Lemone, AC, etc). Most masculine men are being "phased out". Waah?men will be considered "essential" (like "the bubble headed bleached blonde, that comes on at 5"; Don Henley).e

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