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Cop Shoots Black Driver While Hanging From Window

Published on 29 Dec 2020 / In Film & Animation

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Bagoodman 11 months ago

It seems that is the biggest difference between WT and BLK People White people comply and try there luck in court Black people try there luck on the street by running . And you cant out run a radio most of the time the cops will catch you and that goes bad every time ! Lesson Don't run Comply at lest you live long enough to get to Court .

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bluewaters 11 months ago

You guys have to realize it is easy to rewatch video and say what the most perfect course of action should have been subjectively but people don't realize in high stress situations you are not gonna be as composed so mistakes will happen.

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MrA_H0Ie 11 months ago

This is why

Get YOUR shit together, THEN you can complain about how we try to protect people from your criminals.

Counts of violent crimes against BLACK VICTIMS in 2018:
59,718 by whites, 396,054 by blacks, 44,507 by hispanics and LESS THAN 563 by asians (based on the upper limit <0.1% of total against black victims in Table 14 in https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv18.pdf ).

The total by offenders of the other 3 races is 104,788 against black victims.

But the expected share is 12.3% black offenders in all violence against blacks if we look only at those 4 races, above age 12.

IF blacks WOULD be only as violent as other races against black victims THEN
based on the total by non-blacks against blacks (104,788) and their population share (87.7% = 100% -12.3%) the total against black victims should be only 119,485 attacks (104,788 / 0.877) including the 104,788 non-black offender and the additional expected 14,697 black offender attacks against blacks.

But the actual number of black against black attacks was 396,054 instead of 14,697.
That's 27 times as violent as other race offenders against black victims.

There were 710,539 black attacks against the other 3 races, not the expected total 104,788 against black victims by the other 3 races' offenders.
Those numbers should be the same IF blacks would be as violent to other races as other races to blacks.

Blacks exceed that by far... 710,539 / 104,788 = 6.8 times!

That's 2018, way before the racist BLM riots! God knows how much is it now!

And you fucking wonder why are the cops dropping the hammer on you?

Unless you stop causing an insane amount of damage, it's none of your fucking business how do we try to stop you.
The pain will stop AFTER you stop.

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02WhiteWs6 11 months ago

i don't see anything wrong with firing all white male cops

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MrA_H0Ie 11 months ago

No problem. Do it. Blacks are already murdering mostly blacks, so as soon as the police is gone you'll just kill each other off. Then there will be nobody left shifting the blame onto the police.

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