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Controlled Haram What Worked In The 7th Century Doesn't Work Anymore


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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 05 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

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USMF 1 day ago

kick the PUA's out of mgtow tv and save storage for real RP!

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patrickmaina87 9 days ago

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Emre 9 days ago

Brother watch this egyptian hojabies https://youtu.be/tPOZpSBkLuA

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Garfunkleyourself 9 days ago

If you sleep with too many people in the modern day you have a larger pool of people to get a sexually contracted disease from. You have 5 wives in the USA? Well they all probably cheat anyway knowing the mindset modern feminism has brought, who knows what the person they cheat with has. I know people laugh at that stuff for some reason but it really isn't a joke anymore. Some people even spread STDs on purpose now more so than 20 years ago.

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EscortRhinoPill 11 days ago

Brutal booster shot of facts and truth. Loved the 3 situations a Muslim or non Muslim coper may find himself in: the ugly woman, the decent woman, or the beautiful woman. Thank you for exposing the deadly delusion about religious women being better, more chaste or submissive, lol. Women are dogs, but comparing them to dogs is an insult to dogs, dogs are fiercely loyal, got your back and friendly and got heart. Women are a defective product, they were made for men to pass them as property and jack off on their hot boxes, that's love, something worth fighting for.

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