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?? CONTROL Your Own IRA And Become RICH With Cryptos ?

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Published on 14 Aug 2022 / In Non-profits & Activism

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets tells us how to legally open your own tax free Individual Retirement Account, and invest in cryptos, with no penalties for rolling over your IRA or 401K. And you control your own account in your own wallet! This is NOT investment advice, but I did it, and I'm glad I did.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

I hope all crypto hash farms are destroyed and the investors driven into bankruptcy.
Crypto was ORIGINALLY supposed to just be a way to move legit currency without going through a bank or established fiduciary. Crypto wasn't something to hold as a Greater Fool Theory asset.

BUT, since Jews figured out a new gimmick to make crypto into a hyper speculative gamble that exploits volatility, crypto is worthless for anything. Crypto is a hugely NEGATIVE asset as so much capital is wasted on generating it, gambling with it, requiring insane levels of technology to use it, and causing massive losses to the fools who thought they could get some easy profits. Burn it all down.

Yes, the ZOG-U.S. currency is backed by crime, blood, fraud, grift, arbitrage, murder, corruption, narcotics, oil, porn, and war. But, it's still better than crypto for everyday use.

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pirania 2 months ago

I agree with most of what you said but you missed the point. With this type of setup, you have the ability to manage your retirement savings yourself. You can buy various assets, stocks, bonds, precious metals, time deposits and yes even cryptos. I would be very happy to have the opportunity for such action in my country. " ANY bitching about the electricity used in crypto mining is horse shit of the stinkiest kind and is disguising some other agenda. ***The preamplifiers of the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are the first step in increasing the energy of laser beams as they make their way toward the target chamber. The total power of the laser is 500 terawatts, 1,000 times more power than the United States uses at any instant in time. The National Ignition Facility is a fusion experiment based on inertial confinement of the fusion fuel. " " If ever an environmental activist give you shit about cryptos (bitcoin for the normies), tell them two things: first, all the crypto mining on the planet does not use 1/100th of the electricity used by the porn industry, OR the video game industry; and, every crypto purchase is a spike driven under the fingernails of a central bankster fucktard." And about the usability in everyday life, the fiat money system will go down - like ALL fiat money systems before since 5000 years ( China paper money ) and it is cheap and fast - will prevail anyway !

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

@pirania: All well and good but, your first point requires that my first point be set in concrete. That crypto is a MEDIUM, a temporary carrier of currency, to fulfill a purchase or similar transaction. Private enterprise cannot police itself and that is why crypto is rapidly losing its halo. The volatility is unacceptable, the infrastructure required to use it is unacceptable, the lack of user friendliness is unacceptable, and the fact that crypto only exists while the internet is on is unacceptable. Fiat currency, such as it is, can be carried in your wallet and its value rests on a huge assortment of financial assets and income streams. However chaotically and badly managed they may be. When crypto can be spent as easily as with a credit card, and you get an easy to read statement at the end of the month, *THEN* crypto will be usable.

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