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Continuing , why women / narcissist argue so much

crimson hawk
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Published on 10 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

in this video i go more in depth as to why narcissist argie so much. i uploaded a video before but i guess there was adio problems. ill re record and upload it.

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 3 months ago

that is one hell of a recipe

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jimbennett 3 months ago

I think Porterhouse is the best steak.. I've heard it's a combination of new york strip and filet mignon.. pick an organic one imo.. Then get some hardwood lump charcoal, it sounds kind of like glass when you dig into it.. . get some hickory.. go light on that though.. you soak in water first. Then personally I'd get some shock top lemon shandy beer.. Asparagus, potato, beans, mac n cheese.. but the steak and beer like that should be the best imo..

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