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Conflict Of Interest Covid in Australia [mirrored]

Published on 21 Nov 2021 / In Film & Animation

Dick Head Commie Dan Andrews and Co - have nuked an entire city, from the inside out.
The people were indoctrinated and manipulated into compliance.
And they got wiped out.
Fight Back - Wipe out the Commie Scum - your own life depends upon it.

🇦🇺 All credit to “Dorothy Joyner” - Original video: http://bitly.ws/jFbt
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Why are Australia's governments desperate to enforce experimental inoculations on citizens?
An interconnected web of relationships, family ties, government grants, funding from sponsors, DNA harvesting, security risks, foreign powers and criminal corporations with billions to spend.
Who is paying who?
Who is related to whom?
Who is acting in whose interest?
Could there be a conflict of interest amongst some politicians, bureaucrats, academic institutions, business owners and others?
Why shouldn't Australians demand answers?
Please note: The producers have no affiliation with any political parties whatsoever.
The single website page shown at the end of the video was included as it provides more relevant information not referenced in our production, along with sources.
As a contribution to honest investigation the information was added.
As a courtesy to those investigators, the weblink to their separate report is included.

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sithsith 2 months ago

Shane bro do you think these global elites fuck each other and their kids as they jack off watching sheep die ?

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I dunno.... Gossip, rumors, urban myths, Vs. facts, evidence, and victims.

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bigintol03 2 months ago

It's about time that you Aussies started stringing those bastards up!

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