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Concerning NEW Study Finds Men Are LESS Interested In Becoming Fathers

Taylor The Fiend
Taylor The Fiend
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Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In Entertainment

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Heavyhand 12 days ago

Children are a blessing on a man’s life.

Know the risk…………but understand the love of a child is life changing for the good of the father. Proceed accordingly.

Home school and protect them like a monster.

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AcquireZeal 11 days ago

I want to have a family, which is why my plan is to move to a country where family is more sacred and the father has the final say concerning his children.

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Toki 12 days ago

Why bring a new life into this world to suffer? Taxes, vaccine nonsense. If you have a boy he's screwed and will suffer through life. If you have a girl she will be an entitled brat. The Govs will kill your children anyways.

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Heavyhand 11 days ago

Not everyone is going to make it. You are free to choose your path. To create life is just the beginning. The real fight is to protect and nurture that life. It’s obviously not the easy path.

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Toki 10 days ago

@Heavyhand: It's impossible when so many people are brainwashed by the TV. Women have superior rights to men therefore a family is not going to last. Nobody wants to stop the criminals who tax us into poverty. Instead the cucks work for them and stand guard outside the royal palaces. Even though a National Guard man's wife will scam him for alimony. They still join and still serve the elites who enslave them.

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