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Comedian takes the piss out of vaxos.

Published on 02 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation

Comedian takes the absolute piss out of vaxos and the narrative.

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The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along.

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Does anyone know who he is and can they view the whole performance on video?
I get the feeling that there might have been a lot more with this, than is here....

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Heavyhand 1 month ago

Fucking awesome.

Pure blood for the motherfuckin WIN.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

I'm already seeing a return of the face diapers. The politicians may not have to bring back the mandates, since many people are rife with Stockholm Syndrome.

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Michael_Alexandroff 1 month ago

That was a brutal roasting of the mud-bloods by Jim Breuer.

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This kind of comedy is what precedes the rising tide of outrage - that comes before the mass murdering lynch mobs and all the hung and shot genocidal criminals.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 1 month ago

In all fairness when it comes to Zionists there's no such thing as murdering them since they murdered millions already

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@Alpha Male Lifestyle: Yeah I get that - but I am coming in on the issues of social awareness and how BAD societal trauma awakens into comedy and acceptance and then this evolves into "the majority" outrage.... and then the extermination of the mass murderers begins....

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@Alpha Male Lifestyle: Good comedians are doing 3 jobs, they are making clever observations AND they are like funny school teachers - they make us laugh and get us to think about things we may not be aware of or know much about, they point out the clear thinking and the bullshit and they get people to address things they might feel uncomfortable about and not know how to deal with. So there are the Vaxxed who were conned into it, and this is unfortunate, and then there are the Vaxxed who are just plain fucking stupid or worse they make no effort to find out anything - other than what they have been fed, and they go and inject their kids with this shit and then the kids die.... So they teach us about sympathy and empathy and who to kick for being fucking stupid cunts.... So in making fun of the fucking idiots - he is teaching us to question things, to be mean to people who deserve it and how to bring the bigger issues into the main stream..... and these kinds of activities build the energy behind the war on the fucking exterminators....

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@Alpha Male Lifestyle: GOOD comedians are both funny AND they are good teachers....

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@Alpha Male Lifestyle: Also if you "reverse engineer" the comedy routine, back to a script of touching points, of "What do I want to talk about tonight?" - it starts to make a lot more sense - in terms of developing an argument and presenting the facts - as s series of observations etc.

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