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College is a Waste of Time and Money For Most People | Live From The Lair

Published on 31 May 2023 / In Comedy

Why spend half your life paying off student loans when you can learn a trade and make money while you’re still in school?
#TerrencePopp #StudentDebt #LearnATrade

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ErickRendoza 204
ErickRendoza 204 1 year ago

TP is right i knew men who did HVAC or Started a Plumbing Company at and before age 26 worth a few million dollars. One local man has a successful HVAC company and his GF wantted marriage and he refuses. No kids nothing smart man. I recommend Industrial Matience or Commercial Electrical. To be an attorney its a club and some of these attorneys are so messed up they become a prosecuting attorney. I even told a lawyer one time it is a big club isnt it and my god do they deny. Plus you have to pay the bar every year to just have a license in that state. I knew a woman from going on a date who got a bachelors degree in English Studies to be a teacher 80k and no work. Reminds me of an ex gf we almost married she never used her degree got her into become a postal employee making great money DID NOT need me anymore monkey jumped to some other guy had 3 sons and who payed for her college her fathers 401k pension.... i swear another reason do not have kids. An old book at a trade school i went to said. A man who does not teach his son a skill/trade is like committing highway robbery.

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sbseed 1 year ago

the only way to learn anything is by doing your own research and teaching yourself....
history books from the 1960s actual math and not the mixed math shit they have now...
same for pretty much everything else, even STEM learning...
best to learn STEM jobs, either on the job or teaching yourself while doing some grunt jobs in the mean time.

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sbseed 1 year ago

why would you EVER want to go to college these days????
they are indoctrination centers now that have nothing to do with learning or teaching anything.

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ShadowMonk_OFFICIAL 1 year ago

Also a waste of freedom and potentially worth ending up dead or incarcerated for false accusations.

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WMHarrison94 1 year ago

Or go to college online...

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