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College Educated Women Are Begging Men To Get Married!

Undead Chronic
Undead Chronic
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Published on 24 May 2022 / In Comedy
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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

The entire video is a series of truth bombs, but the part after 20:35 is the main reason for this situation. Once that shit happens to a good man, he will never have that experience again, and he knows it. At that point there is one less "traditional good man" in the world and nothing will bring him back to the plantation.

Warning about the statistics after 21:45
They always define divorced as part of the single group. Think about it, how is the love life of a man who has lost everything, lives in his car and maybe can see his kids every 2 weeks for a few hours. No money, works 3 jobs to stay out of jail, falls half dead into his bed (the car seat) every night exhausted of all the jobs. How is his sex life and what is the reason for that?

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James1225 1 month ago

When men are educated, the wisdom of never engaging with the institution of marriage is quite evident. When femons get educated they realize how worthless they are without a man.

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