Co-Habitation: You Get Her WORST Other Men Get Her BEST

Chad Hart
Chad Hart
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Published on 17 May 2020 / In People & Blogs

Living with a woman is a lawsuit waiting to happen these days. For a man there is ZERO benefit to living with a woman, all the benefit is for her. When living with her the only time you see her at her best is when she is leaving the house. Does she ever get up earlier than you just to fix up her hair, face, dress sexy just for you? Probably not, she'll claim she did it for you when she dolled herself up for Chad & Tyrone, whom she is on her way to meet but you think she is going to "work". She's going to work alright and she's working simps to financially back her while she sleeps with other men. Don't Do it!!!

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john locke
john locke 4 months ago

Why would a Man ever let a woman live in his house. Talk about beta bull shit. What's next I can have a "man cave" in my own house lmao.

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