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Climate Denier William Happer Debunked || A Literal Carbon Demon

Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In People & Blogs

In this video I debunk the pseudoscience of climate skeptic Dr. William Happer, a prominent denier of human-caused climate change whose lies have reached hundreds of thousands of people and the upper echelons of government.

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Furioso 4 months ago

Climate change is a hoax to tax people more money ,CO2 is necessary for trees to produce oxygen that animals and humans breathe ,have you ever heard that Amazonia is the lungs of the Earth .Covid is another hoax made by 5G towers frequencies which block oxygene receptors of the body ,the elites manufactured a fake virus story to innoculate people with deadly chemicals and nano techs ,you know why ? It's because they want to replace us by AI and machines.You debunked nothing ,you are just as useful and ignorant like the majority of normies ,wake up boy .

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