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Climate Change Hoax?

Published on 04 Nov 2022 / In Science & Technology

Is the threat of climate change a hoax or is it a serious reality? I get to the bottom of this.

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Well researched and good to hear.

Yeah BEFORE the ice age melted, like 10,000 years ago, the oceans were 400 feet lower.....

There is this video about the sun having "novas" where it blasts off the crap in it's crust periodically.

AND this causes deep shit on the face of the earth etc.

I am very dubious of many sources of information - like for instance, if a certain amount of energy is required to mine, process and fabricate the materials to make the wind turbines, AND yet the various propaganda sites are saying they use more energy to make than they create..... I think "Will this stand up under basic scrutiny?"

Like if the turbines cost $5 million each, and with optimum siting, can create $10,000 of power every day for 25 years, then 365 days x 25 years x $10,000 = $91,000,000 of power....

You know... it's not that hard to figure out...

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